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Submission, Nomination, and Selection Process for the PRN IAM Awards

Overview: The PRN IAM Awards prioritizes the merit of music above all else, focusing solely on the quality of compositions rather than vanity metrics such as follower count or popularity. Here’s a breakdown of the submission, nomination, and selection process:

Submission Review:

  • All submissions undergo a review by PRN IAM Awards staff to ensure accuracy and functionality of links provided.
  • Submissions meeting the criteria are forwarded to the PRN IAM Awards Selections Committee for further review.

Selection Process:

  • Initial selections are reviewed by the Selections Committee, and nominees are determined through multiple rounds of evaluation.
  • Nominated selections are posted on the PRN IAM Awards website under the “Awards” tab.

Winner Determination:

  • Winners are decided after multiple rounds of reviews and votes by the Selections Committee, Advisory Board, and PRN IAM Academy Voting Body.
  • Voting is conducted internally and confidentially, with winners revealed during the awards show and subsequently posted for public access.

PRN IAM Voting Academy:

  • The Voting Academy comprises industry professionals responsible for determining winners via designated category ballots.

Eligibility & Deadlines:

  • Eligible submissions include recorded projects released from January 1, 2023, onwards or scheduled for release in 2024.
  • Artists must be truly independent, not financially dependent on major labels or subsidiaries with major label support and distribution.
  • Non-music submissions have different criteria and include categories like studio technicians and marketing.
  • Submission deadline for categories is June 1, 2024.
  • Final voting occurs 30 days before the main event.

Submission Guidelines:

  • Original works are required unless specified otherwise.
  • Multiple submissions and categories are allowed.
  • Submission fees apply per entry, with PRN IAM members receiving two complimentary submissions.
  • Entries must be online, and functionality of links or web portals is the submitter’s responsibility.

Evaluation Criteria:

  • Music is evaluated based on melody, composition, lyrics (if applicable), performance, and production quality.
  • The PRN Awards reserves the right to re-categorize entries or combine categories as necessary.
  • Cover songs or derivative works are accepted in specified categories.

Album Category:

  • The Album category requires a separate submission form and consists of full-length bodies of work containing between 7-19 tracks.
  • Albums must include at least 50% original compositions.

Additional Benefits

·        The music that you submit will be played on over 250 radio stations nationwide with some radio interviews  all music spins are reported to BMI, Sound Exchange ASCAP SESAC. The artist that win the artist of the Year Awards will receive a recording contract from Sony. Orchard

Additional Notes:

  • The IAM Awards reserves the right to open or close submission deadlines at its discretion.
  • Nominations may be announced periodically throughout the year and posted on the IAM Awards website.

For further details and to access the submission form, visit the PRN IAM Awards website.  CLICK HERE for all submission form.

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